Brood War AI Tournament RFC 2

Torch Up: Brood War AI Tournament is currently organized by the Spacebeam community as annual FOSDEM side event (end of January/beginning of February).

The results are presented at FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium.

All bots play several round-robins, with a second stage or knock-out matches between the top 4. The competition encourages but don't require the use of Linux® and BWAPI wrappers that enable more programming languages than C++ or Java.

The tournament offer access to multicore and GPU, Linux containers and native support for TorchCraft bots using Python and Lua, read the rules, join the conversation, send your comments and feedback or check the liquipedia page of the event.


click here, to download them on zip file.

(4) Circuit Breaker   (3) Aztec   (2) Blue Storm
(4) Gladiator   (3) Gold Rush   (2) Heartbreak Ridge
(4) Fighting Spirit   (3) Power Bond   (2) Overwatch

Optional: Island Challenge

(4) Sparkle