Torch Up: Brood War AI Tournament

Torch Up: Brood War AI Tournament is currently organized by the Spacebeam community as annual FOSDEM side event (end of Jannuary/beginning of February).

The results are presented at FOSDEM in Brussels Belgium, planet Earth.

Are you new to a StarCraft: Brood War AI competition? want a fully functional bot to start with and modify? We have links to open-source bot projects which you can use as good point of entry.

During this event, programs wil play StarCraft: Brood War games against each other using BWAPI, a software library that makes it all possible connecting bots to the game engine.

The purpose of this tournament is foster development & evaluation of progress in applied AI research and development to real-time strategy (RTS) games focus around issues in game AI such as uncertainty, real-time processing, and managing & coordinaring agents. Where feasible we strive for openness, transparency, reusability and reproducibility, both in the way the competiton rules are defined and evaluated, and in the bots themselves. RTS games pose a bigger challenge for AI research than turn-based board games because of hidden information, vast state and action spaces, or real-time aspect of the game environment.