Torch Up: Brood War AI Registration Open!

You must register by January 15th, 2021 in order to compete.

To register, send an email to Jean Chassoul with the following information:

    Subject: TORCH-UP'21 ENTRY
    Entry Name:
    Contact Name (First Last): 
    Contact Email Address: 
    Race (in game): 
    Type (DLL, EXE, Linux or Java):
    BWAPI Version:


You have until 09:59 16th January 2021 UTC to submit your registration for the competition.


Submission deadline for bots will be 09:59 26th January 2020 UTC.

Bot Submission Guidelines

When submitting your bot, please follow these guidelines for submitting your bot's final version. To submit the final version of your bot, email an URL (NOT by attachment because may be blocked by email filters, etc) send a link to download a single zip file containing:

A folder containing the dll or executable of your bot we will use in the tournament and for immediate testing. (EXE/Linux/Java) bot files must contain a file named run_proxy.bat or which runs your bot.

The official versions of the BWAPI libraries that we will use are here, your bot MUST WORK with one of these, depending on which you chose when you registered:

BWAPI 4.4.0
BWAPI 4.2.0
BWAPI 4.1.2

Additional Submission Notes:

Before submitting, excluding Sparkle, please test that your bot is able to successfully play a game for every map in the map pool.

DO NOT include BWAPI or external libraries with your submission, if your bot .zip file is to big for email, contact us about it, we are happy to help.

We WILL NOT compile your project or use any submitted BWAPI library, your submission has to work with the standard versions available.