Torch Up

Torch Up: FOSDEM'20 Brood War AI Tournament

2020 Tournament Registration / Submission Open!

Torch Up: FOSDEM 2020 Brood War AI Tournament registration and submission are now open. You have until January 15th to submit your registration for the competition. Submission deadline for bots will be January 25th, 2020. Good luck, have fun!

Are you new to a StarCraft: Brood War AI Competition? Want a fully functional bot to start with and modify? We have a liquipedia page with links to open-source bot projects which you can use as a good point of entry to the competition.


Welcome to the home of the 1st Torch Up Brood War AI tournament which is organized by the Spacebeam community as an annual FOSDEM side event (end of January/begining of February) at Brussels Belgium, planet Earth.

During this event, programs will play StarCraft: Brood War games against each other using BWAPI, a software library that makes it possible to connect programs to the game engine.

The purpose of this competition is foster development & evaluation of progress in applied AI research to real-time strategy (RTS) games and focus on challenging issues in game AI such as uncertainty, real-time processing, and managing & coordinating agents. Where feasible we strive for openness, transparency, reusability and reproducibility, both in the way the competition rules are defined and evaluated, and in the bots themselves. RTS games pose a bigger challenge for AI research than turn-based board games because of hidden information, vast state and action spaces, or the real-time aspect of the game environment.

In contrast with other StarCraft: Brood War AI competitions of the past decate this event enable Brood War AI bots native support for the Linux® environment, access to multi-cores and GPU's, as well of the use of popular machine learning frameworks, programming languages, and data analysis tools, anything that authors could package inside a Singularity Linux Container without technical restrictions while maintaining support for existing Win32 C++ and Java bots active out there, competing in other StarCraft: Brood War AI events.